the duke

  • Dated: February 9, 2022   |   Duration: 02:29
    'The Duke' starring Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent is a comedy about the real-life art theft of a portrait of the Duke of Wellington. And so, we sent Katherine Nash to meet some of Britain's red carpet royalty starring in the film.
  • Dated: February 8, 2022   |   Duration: 01:28
    National treasure, Dame Helen Mirren is starring in brand new movie, The Duke where her on-screen husband stole a painting from The National Gallery. Helen reveals her naughty side!
  • Dated: June 25, 2021   |   Duration: 02:39
    In 1961, a 60-year-old taxi driver steals Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. He sends ransom notes saying that he will return the painting if the government invests more in care for the elderly.
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