• Dated: October 4, 2023   |   Duration: 08:47
    Our entertainment reporter Olivia Marks sat down with the incredible Helen Mirren to talk about her new film Golda. Find out which women Helen was always fascinated with, what the biggest challenges were in playing Golda and why she isn’t a big fan of music.
  • Dated: October 3, 2023   |   Duration: 06:42
    We saw her strut her stuff on the runway at Paris Fashion Week this weekend and now acting royalty Dame Helen Mirren is back on our screens playing Golda Meir - Israel’s first and only female Prime Minister. She joins Lorraine in the studio to reveal the intense physical transformation she underwent for the role every morning and how during filming, she was often reminded of the late Queen Elizabeth. Plus, Helen will reveal what she makes of the backlash to her playing a Jewish role.
  • Dated: July 13, 2023   |   Duration: 12:12
    Speaking to Israeli TV about her film role as PM Golda Meir, star actress declares she would join anti-government protest movement if she had the chance
  • Dated: June 18, 2023   |   Duration: 40:57
    Diego Luna ("Andor"),Helen Mirren ("1923"), Bella Ramsey ("The Last of Us"), Christina Ricci ("Yellowjackets"), Patrick Stewart ("Picard") and Jeremy Strong ("Succession") on the L.A. Times Envelope Drama Roundtable.
  • Dated: May 12, 2023   |   Duration: 03:32
    On the red carpet in Rome for the premiere of Fast X.
  • Dated: May 14, 2023   |   Duration: 02:06
    With the Ancient Colosseum of Rome as a backdrop, Vin Diesel, Helen Mirren and the cast of “Fast X” celebrate their film's achievements at the premiere in Rome, Italy.
  • Dated: May 14, 2023   |   Duration: 03:22
    Helen Mirren talks shooting Fast X in Rome and the movie.
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