fast x

  • Dated: May 12, 2023   |   Duration: 03:32
    On the red carpet in Rome for the premiere of Fast X.
  • Dated: May 11, 2023   |   Duration: 01:00
    On set in Rome break, at Castel Sant'Angelo, with Helen Mirren and Vin Diesel
  • Dated: May 14, 2023   |   Duration: 02:06
    With the Ancient Colosseum of Rome as a backdrop, Vin Diesel, Helen Mirren and the cast of “Fast X” celebrate their film's achievements at the premiere in Rome, Italy.
  • Dated: May 14, 2023   |   Duration: 03:22
    Helen Mirren talks shooting Fast X in Rome and the movie.
  • Dated: May 15, 2023   |   Duration: 44:06
    Join us as we dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of the Fast and Furious franchise, where we will be unveiling exciting details about the upcoming 10th movie. This electrifying event features the iconic cast members, including the legendary Vin Diesel, as they share exclusive insights and thrilling updates about the latest installment.
  • Dated: March 24, 2023   |   Duration: 05:50
    Actress Helen Mirren joins "CBS Mornings" to discuss the successful series "1923," a prequel to "Yellowstone." Mirren teases the return of the beloved Spencer to Montana in the new season of "1923" and discusses the background of her character Queenie, who is returning to "Fast X" in the "Fast and Furious" franchise.
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