June 21, 2022 ♦ Appearances

Paramount+ launched its service in UK last night and ‘1932’ stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, appeared in remote to the event. Public Appearances > Events From 2022 > Jun 20 | Paramount+ UK Launch

June 17, 2022 ♦ Articles, Interviews

If Helen Mirren were to steal a painting from the National Gallery in London, it would be a Wassily Kandinsky. “I love Kandinsky,” she says of the Russian painter, known as the father of 20th-century abstraction, although if you strolled through a gallery of his work, you might never know it’s all from the same man’s brush. […]

May 29, 2022 ♦ Magazines

I added digital scans of Helen Mirren’s cover for Gala Croisette, Cannes Film Festival magazine. Enjoy! Magazines & Scans > Scans From 2022 > Gala Croisette #12 – May 28

May 28, 2022 ♦ Appearances

I added a few more photos from Cannes. Helen Mirren participated to the dinner by L’Oréal Paris. Public Appearances > Events From 2022 > May 27 | Dinner L’Oréal Paris Lights On Women Award

May 27, 2022 ♦ Appearances

The gallery has been updated with over 200 HQ photos of Helen Mirren at the “Mother And Son” Screening during Cannes Festival. Enjoy! Public Appearances > Events From 2022 > May 27 | 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival: “Mother And Son” Screening

May 18, 2022 ♦ News & Announcements

Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford are joining the “Yellowstone” universe in the upcoming series “1932” for Paramount+. “1932,” which is the show’s working title, is an origin story introducing a new generation of the Dutton family. It’s set to explore the early 20th century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great […]

May 16, 2022 ♦ Appearances

Helen Mirren performed as Elizabeth I during celebration for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinun Jubilee yesterday at Home Park in Windsor, England. Enjoy the photos I added to the gallery. Public Appearances > Events From 2022 > May 15 | Platinum Jubilee Celebration: A Gallop Through History

April 29, 2022 ♦ Magazines, Photoshoots

I added to the gallery HQ scans of Helen Mirren cover for People USA, enjoy! Magazines & Scans > Scans From 2022 > People (USA) – May 9 Photoshoots & Portraits > Shoots From 2022 > Session #003

When Dame Helen Mirren learned she’d been chosen as the cover star of PEOPLE’s 2022 Beautiful Issue, “I was absolutely sort of gobstruck, as we say in England. I never considered myself ‘beautiful.’ And [at] my age! So I was amazed,” the Oscar winner, 76, says. It’s not a false play at modesty, she makes clear: “Don’t […]