Character: Hedda Hopper
Directed by: Jay Roach
Written by: John McNamara
Produced by: Michael London, Janice Williams, Shivani Rawat, Monica Levinson, Nimitt Mankad, John McNamara, Kevin Kelly Brown
Other cast: Bryan Cranston, Elle Fanning, Diane Lane, John Goodman, Louis C.K., Michael Stuhlbarg
Release date: November 27, 2015
Genre: Biography, Drama
Running time: 2h 4min

In 1947, successful screenwriter Dalton Trumbo and other Hollywood figures get blacklisted for their political beliefs.


→ Are you now or have you ever been…
→ When they tried to silence him, he made the world listen.

Character’s Quotes

• Now what do you do when you love something but it stops loving you back? […] No, no, no. You love it more until it surrenders.
• Forty years ago, you were starving in some shtetl. The greatest country on Earth takes you in, gives you wealth, power, but the second we need you, you do nothing. And that’s exactly what my readers expect from a business run by kikes.
• You know, L.B. I am fond of you. Some of my happiest years were spent on this lot. Not in your office, of course. You were always trying to fuck me on the couch. Me trying to maintain my virtue. Barely. But times change. Now I’d happily fuck you.