Tracey Takes On…
Character: Professor Horen
Created by: Tracey Ullman, Allan McKeown
Directed by: Michael Lange
Written by: Tracey Ullman, Jerry Belson, Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais, George McGrath, Molly Newman, Gail Parent, Allen J. Zipper
Produced by: Carey Dietrich
Other cast: Tracey Ullman, Rene Auberjonois, Patricia Belcher, Kimberly Clayton Jones, Billy Connolly, Alastair Duncan, Adele Givens, Olivia Hack, Jacqueline Hill, Peter Vogt
Episodes: 3x09
Original airdate: March 1, 1998
Episode title: Culture
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 26 min

Hope tries to lose her virginity to a Scottish poet; Sydney Riverdances to unwind; Sheneesha tries to get her book published.