The Door
Character: Emerenc
Directed by: István Szabó
Written by: István Szabó, Andrea Vészits, Magda Szabó
Produced by: Jenő Hábermann, Sándor Söth
Other cast: Martina Gedeck, Károly Eperjes, Gábor Koncz, Enikö Börcsök
Release date: March 8, 2012 (Hungary)
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1h 37min

A novelist forms a strange bond with her eccentric maid that will have a lasting effect on both women.


» When Emernc and Magda are arguing about ‘kitsch’, Emernc stomps into the entryway and dumps the boot holding the umbrellas onto the floor. As she does, she is standing on a red rug, but when the camera angle switches to display the umbrellas and the boot, the rug is no where to be seen. As the camera shot switches, the rug is back.