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The gallery has been updated with over 600 HD screencaptures from the bluray disc of Arthur and many videos of interviews, clips and trailer, have been added to the archive. Take a look!

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Earlier this month a new commercial for L’Oreal popped-up and it was a very funny one, with Helen playing a very peculiar matriarch who happens to forget quite a few things.

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Hello everyone, this is Claudia the webmiss of EHM, your new source dedicated to Dame Helen Mirren. You may actually know me already in this fandom, as I previously used to run “Mirror on Mirren”, which has been going for 3 years, but sadly my health wasn’t good and I was forced into closing it.

I have been a fan of Helen for a very long time, following her career, and I just could not resist and when I was finally doing better I jumped into this adventure that is building her fansite, and let me tell you the fun it has been!
The gallery is far from being complete, as well as pages, but I’ve been working on this site for the past 6 months and today I finally decided it was good for opening.
Welcome to my little corner of paradise!

I want to thank Nicole for the beautiful headers she designed for us and all of my friends who supported me, our wonderful affiliates and all of you, in advance, for visiting and enjoying this with me. You won’t regret it!

– Claudia