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The gallery has been updated with over 1100 HD Screencaptures of Helen Mirren in “Woman in Gold”, enjoy!

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Recently, Helen Mirren worked with italian musician and actor Checco Zalone in one of his videos, titled “La Vacinada”. Rumors have it, that Helen had wanted to work with the Apulian artist because she adores him, as she said herself so clearly. And the dream came true for our Queen. She takes part as central female lead of the music video while also promoting the beautiful surroundings of the Apulian fields, specifically in the Salento region (extreme South of the Italian Region) where Helen Mirren and husband Taylor Hackford own a country house.

Enjoy the video and screencaptures from it.

Other Projects > Music Videos > La Vacinada (2021) > Video Clip

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I have gone through one of the most suffering categories of this fansite for lack of images (theatre productions) and added a bunch of new photos of Helen Mirren.
Some are completely newly created albums for some of her stage credits. Enjoy!

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The focus of the movie will be the drama of and high-stakes nature of Meir’s decisions during the Yom Kippur war.

British movie star Helen Mirren will portray former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in a new film, retelling the story of the Yom Kippur War, according to a statement by the Embankment company.

Production on the film is set to commence in October, and it will be directed by Academy Award winner Guy Nattiv, who previously directed the short film “Skin” which won the award.

The screenplay will be written by Nicholas Martin Kuhn, who will also be the producer. According to the statement, he will attempt to focus the drama of and high-stakes nature of Meir’s decisions during the Yom Kippur War.

“As someone who was born during the Yom Kippur War, I am honored to tell this fascinating story about the first and only woman to ever lead Israel,” Nattiv said. “Nicholas Martin’s brilliant script dives into Golda’s final chapter as the country faces a deadly surprise attack during the holiest day of the year, a core of delusional generals undermining Golda’s judgment, all the while undergoing secret treatments for her illness.”


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The gallery has been updated with some screenshots of Helen Mirren at the SAG Awards, also I added a video in the archive of a short interview. Enjoy!

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The gallery has been updated with over 1300 HD screencaptures of Helen Mirren in 2010 movie “The Tempest”. Enjoy!

A shipwreck casts members of a royal court ashore on a mysterious island. Their fateful arrival is no accident, for it was engineered by Prospera (Helen Mirren), a sorceress whom these men banished, and who now plans to take vengeance on them. With the help of Caliban and Ariel, her sometimes-unwilling aides, Prospera brings her powers to bear on her former tormentors. Then love casts a spell on her daughter and the king’s son, and Prospera is powerless to intervene.

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Prophetic, frenetic and shockingly brutal, the film became a British classic. For its 40th anniversary, Mirren and other cast members relive their roles in the menacing gangland masterpiece

It has been 40 years since the release of The Long Good Friday, a gangster film still revered as one of the best British movies of all time. Shot in London in the late 1970s and starring the late Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren, it told the story of an underworld boss trying desperately to stop the IRA from dismantling his empire.

The backdrop for the film was the London Docklands, then mostly undeveloped. With corrupt city planners in his pocket, Hoskins’ character – the pugnacious, barrel-chested Harold Shand – attempts to woo the New York mafia into a partnership to transform the area, selling the idea to them with a speech during a trip up the Thames on his yacht. “Our country is not an island any more,” he snarls. “We’re a leading European state. And I believe this is the decade in which London will become Europe’s capital … no other city in the world has got, right at its centre, such an opportunity for profitable progress.”
Then, mayhem. Prophetic, political, but above all bloody and brutal, the film won critical acclaim in the UK. Empire has ranked it among the top 20 British films ever made, while the New York Times described it as “a swift, sharp-edged gangster story in a classic mould”.

What was it like to make? To mark the 40th anniversary of its general release, the Guardian spoke with three members of the cast: Mirren, Derek Thompson and Paul Barber.
They retain a special affection for The Long Good Friday, and for Hoskins, who died in 2014. It was a film that brought together an unusual and chaotic ensemble to create something they all regard as unique.

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