Ulisse: Il piacere della scoperta

Character: Herself

Directed by: Michelangelo Pepe

Written by: Simone Battiato, Andrea Felici

Produced by: Anna Maria Tiberi

Cast Members: Alberto Angela, Antonio Caprarica, Veronica Pivetti, Gigi Proietti

Released date: September 30, 2020

Episode(s) Number: 22x03

Episode(s) Title: "Elisabetta II - L'ultima grande regina"

Genre: History

Alberto Angela's show is dedicated to history, art and culture and in this episode it evolves around the life of one of the most important character of our times, Queen Elizabeth II, the longest running monarch from England and the United Kingdom. Albert Angela walks his viewers through most part of the 90's to our days, telling in details the slow transformation of the monarch's image during the years of her reign, with the most important historical and personal facts surrounding the Windor family to nowadays. Through beautiful old pictures, many retouched to be splendid again, the viewers will live the sumptuous regal ceremonies and also discover things that were not said before about one of the most ancient and long monarchies of the world. Special guest for this episode is actress Helen Mirren, who won the Oscar for her portrayal of the monarch in the acclaimed movie "The Queen".


♦ Helen participated to the italian documentary episode with interviews regarding her experience with the Queen and the movie from 2006 for which she won the Oscar.

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