The Debt

Character: Rachel Singer

Directed by: John Madden

Written by: Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman, Peter Straughan

Produced by: Matthew Vaughn, Kris Thykier

Cast Members: Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain, Jesper Christensen, Marton Csokas, Ciarán Hinds, Tom Wilkinson

Released date: September 4, 2010 (Deauville)

Genre: Drama, Thriller

In 1965, young Mossad agent Rachel Singer and two comrades are involved in a secret mission to capture a Nazi war criminal known as the Surgeon of Birkenau. The mission ends with the man's death on the streets of East Berlin. Thirty years later, a man claiming to be the doctor has appeared, and Rachel, haunted by memories of past events, must return to Eastern Europe to uncover the truth.


→ Every secret comes with a price


» Helen Mirren in her role as Rachel was required to speak some dialog in Russian, and although her father was a Russian diplomat, she did not speak the language in childhood. However, the lines she speaks in the film, perhaps fully or partially memorized phonetically, are nearly flawlessly articulated and quite credible as native Russian speech.

Character’s Quotes

• My name is Rachel Singer. Please publish what you are about to read. In 1965, I was part of a mission to kidnap Dieter Vogel, The Surgeon of Birkenau, and bring him to Israel to stand trial. We have always claimed that Vogel was killed, trying to escape. But this was a lie. A lie I have lived with for thirty years. And now I understand that I must tell the truth.
• God doesn’t plant car bombs.

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