Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness

Character: Det. Supt. Jane Tennison

Directed by: Tom Hooper

Written by: Peter Berry

Produced by: Andy Harries, David Boulter, Rebecca Eaton, Thea Harvey

Cast Members: Liam Cunningham, Oleg Menshikov, Ben Miles, Robert Pugh

Released date: November 9, 2003

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison's investigation of the murder of a Bosnian refugee leads her to one, or possibly two, Serbian war criminals determined to silence the last witness to a massacre a decade before.


♦ Helen Mirren had director approval for this production, which meant she had the the right to look at directors and meet them. She met Tom Hooper and approved him to direct it, telling him it had to be his vision and she would protect it.


» Towards the beginning Tennison says she is 54 years old, however in Prime Suspect 5 she says she is 50. As Prime Suspect 6 is set 7 years later she would be 57 not 54.
» Tennison’s glasses suddenly appear on her face during the second interview with Milan Lukic.
» Tennison refers to Zigic as a Bosnian to the SWAT team leader, but earlier his nationality is represented as Serbian.

Script developed by Never Enough Design