No Such Thing

Character: The Boss

Directed by: Hal Hartley

Written by: Hal Hartley

Produced by: Hal Hartley, Cecilia Kate Roque, Francis Ford Coppola, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson, Linda Reisman

Cast Members: Sarah Polley, Robert John Burke, Margrét Ákadóttir, Julie Anderson, Anna Kristín Arngrímsdóttir

Released date: November 15, 2002 (Iceland)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

A humorous and satirical look at a society concerned only with instant gratification and voyeuristic sensationalism. Disgusted with human evolution, a foul-mouthed monster kills anyone who crosses his path. When a news crew sent to investigate the monster disappear, a guileless young woman dispatched to follow up on the story befriends the monster and becomes his only hope in ending his life of misery.


→ A modern day fable.

Script developed by Never Enough Design