Character: Narrator

Directed by: Ewan Gotfryd

Written by: David E. Snyder

Cast Members: RJ Mitte, Christopher Reeve, Micah Fowler, Stephen Hawking, Laurine Price, Steve Gleason

"Motionless" is a feature-length, social documentary that addresses one of the most under acknowledged and underrepresented disability issues. 1 in 6 of the world's population live their lives with various Neurological Disorders and Spinal Cord Injuries-the leading causes of Paralysis. Concerns for the quality of life, education, treatment, rights, and even hope are paramount, as this issue affects 1 in 50 Americans alone. This documentary takes a narrative approach as it shines a spotlight on the many hardships faced by these 1 billion individuals. All while raising awareness, hope, and a greater understanding to an unresolved global problem that could affect anyone, at any moment in their life.

Script developed by Never Enough Design