Losing Chase

Character: Chase Phillips

Directed by: Kevin Bacon

Written by: Anne Meredith

Produced by: Milton Justice, Anne Meredith

Cast Members: Kyra Sedgwick, Beau Bridges

Released date: December 6, 1996

Genre: Drama

Chase, a lifetime resident of Martha's Vineyard, married Richard, and like the area, grew into the Upper-Middle-Class. Her distaste for artificiality leads her to a wild breakdown, and Richard dutifully tries to restore their family unit as best he knows how by hiring a 'Mother's Helper', Elizabeth. Chase is broken, and wickedly caustic towards Elizabeth, until they discover each other's similarities. A strong relationship develops, affecting their personal and familial salvation, and destruction.


→ A love they never dreamed of. A summer they would never forget.

Script developed by Never Enough Design