Character: Georgina Woodhouse

Directed by: Joel Hershman

Written by: Joel Hershman

Produced by: Trudie Styler, Daniel J. Victor, Travis Swords

Cast Members: Danny Dyer, Clive Owen, David Kelly, Natasha Little

Released date: September 14, 2001 (UK)

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance

The beauty and delicacy of a flower seem a sharp contrast to the rough exterior of a prison inmate. Yet these two images are exactly what writer/director Joel Hershman brings together in "Greenfingers," a story of redemption that not only tickles the funny bone, but touches the soul.


→ A blooming comedy
→ Based on a true story

Character’s Quotes

• That’s what I like about plants – they don’t answer back.

Script developed by Never Enough Design