Caesar and Claretta

Character: Claretta Petacci

Directed by: Claude Whatham

Written by: Jack Russell

Produced by: Rosemary Hill

Cast Members: Robert Hardy, Robin Scobey, Garry McDermott

Released date: May 9, 1975

Genre: Drama

Having admired Mussolini since she was a schoolgirl, Claretta finally had a chance to meet the Italian leader at the age of 24. For the next 10 years she was Mussolini's official mistress, and was the only woman with him when they and a group of supporters were captured by Communist partisans during an escape attempt. On April 28, 1945, Mussolini and Petacci were shot by their captors. Even though Claretta was offered her freedom, she refused to leave her lover, a touching declaration of a woman's love despite the dubious reputation of the object of her affections.

Script developed by Never Enough Design