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I went through and added a bunch of new and of better quality images of Helen Mirren on “Catherine the Great” also thanks to the help of my good friend Ali. Take a look and enjoy! Television Series > Catherine The Great > Promotional Photos Television Series > Catherine The Great > Behind The Scenes […]

The gallery has been updated to complete screencaptures of Helen Mirren from “Catherine the Great”. Last two episodes have been added, take a look and enjoy! Television Series > Catherine The Great > Screencaptures > Episode #3 Television Series > Catherine The Great > Screencaptures > Episode #4

I added to the video archive a few videos related to “Catherine The Great”, promos and interviews with Helen Mirren. Take a look and enjoy! Appearances > Red Carpet Interviews > HELLO: “Catherine The Great” London Premiere Interview Appearances > Red Carpet Interviews > Dame Helen Mirren Interview Catherine The Great Premiere Appearances > Red […]

After HBO and Sky Atlantic released the mini-series in its entirety I allowed some days for everyone to watch it and, it’s a must!!! It was short, intense and so greatly done. To follow their programming, I added the first two episodes. Two more will be coming in the following weeks. Enjoy HD screencaptures of […]

Helen Mirren has learned much in her 74 years. But recently the Oscar-, Tony-, and Emmy-winning actor discovered something that, frankly, pissed her off. “I was just reading about an exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite paintings,” Mirren told Vanity Fair last Sunday by phone, audibly irked. “I didn’t know there were these incredible women Pre-Raphaelite painters. Why have I never heard of […]

It’s no secret that Dame Helen Mirren has a knack for nailing regal roles. Following her Oscar-winning on-screen reign as Queen Elizabeth II back in 2006, the thespian brings yet another powerful ruler to life in HBO’s limited mini-series “Catherine the Great.” Just as she does on the small screen as Russian Empress Catherine II, Mirren commanded […]