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November 21, 2020 ♦ Movies, Screencaptures, The Queen

When I think of Helen Mirren, I always say she is my one and only Queen. It is true. No matter how great other interpretation of the role could be, Helen is always the best. This movie is probably my most favorite from her long career, and it’s not like the only one cause there […]

I went through another spree and added screencaptures of Helen Mirren in 4 different movies. Quality is not the most excellent but better than nothing. Take a look and enjoy! Movie Productions > When The Whales Came > Screencaptures Movie Productions > Pascali’s Island > Screencaptures ***contains nudity*** Movie Productions > Last Orders > Screencaptures […]

I apologize for the lack of updates, but with this pandemic no one goes out (thankfully!) and there’s not many news. So I am going back into the archive and uploading movies caps and stills that are missing from gallery. Here are two movies Helen Mirren did in 2001 “The Pledge” and 2003 “Calendar Girls”. […]

March 24, 2020 ♦ Movies, Phil Spector, Screencaptures

During these sensitive times, during which I’m hopeful no events will be organized, we can focus on career project and keep going on filling the gallery with missing images. Starting from HD screencaptures of Helen Mirren in the TV Movie “Phil Spector”. Take a look and enjoy! A drama centered on the relationship between Phil […]

February 1, 2020 ♦ Gosford Park, Movies, Screencaptures

The gallery has been updated with over 230 HD screencaptures of Helen Mirren from 2001 movie “Gosford Park”, in which she played Mrs. Wilson. Take a look and enjoy! Sir William McCordle and his family plan a shooting party over a weekend. Their family secrets, lies and deceptions come tumbling out when Sir William gets […]

January 10, 2020 ♦ Movies, Screencaptures, State of Play

The gallery has been updated with over 200 HD screencaptures of Helen Mirren from 2009 movie “State of Play”. Take a look and enjoy! Congressman Stephen Collins is a rising star in Washington; handsome, unflappable and seemingly honorable, he’s seen as his party’s next presidential nominee. Until, however, his research assistant/mistress is found murdered and […]