Helen Mirren’s ‘Calendar Girls’


Article taken from CBS News.

As one of Britain’s most versatile and acclaimed actresses, Helen Mirren has found a comfortable place on the American movie screen as well.

In the new comedy, “Calendar Girls,” she and a group of women meet opposition after an idea for their traditional calendar fundraiser takes a radical twist — the women will pose in the nude.

Mirren discussed her new movie on Wednesday’s The Early Show.

“Calendar Girls” was inspired by the real-life story of the Rylstone and District Women’s Institute. In April 1999, the group published their 2000 calendar to raise money for the local hospital. But, the mature women’s pictures shocked some, and before they knew it, they were hitting the headlines at home and abroad.

“I first heard about it in America,” Mirren says. “I remember there was a big article in the New York Times and it made me very proud of my country.”

Performing in the nude is something not new to acting veteran, but her co-stars were a little apprehensive.

“They had never done a nude scene before,” Mirren explains. “I was the old hand, so I was giving them advice. And I was a cheerleader — a lot like my character is. But, you know, they’re professional actresses, and I think they were quite thrilled with the idea.”

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