May 14, 2019

This Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s helpful to remember that we all experience self-doubt – whether or not it’s visible in your office, on your social media feed, and even on your film screens. A case in point? The extraordinary Dame Helen Mirren.

In a new podcast by L’Oréal Paris, the brand which regularly reminds us that all we’re “worth it” and for which Mirren plays ambassadress, the actress explores her personal journey of self-worth. It’s both revealing and reassuring.

“Those negative thoughts are always lurking there under the surface… everybody feels this way, you aren’t the only one,” she says.

“What always comes up in my head is that ‘I’m boring, I’m stupid, I’m not exciting enough’. In my job I meet a lot of extraordinary people… and for me, it’s incredibly intimidating.”

She says that when she walks onto a film set, with “these humongous movie stars,” – of which, of course, Mirren is one – she feels “incredibly intimidated”. What’s more, she reveals “sometimes I lock myself in the loo to give myself a talking to: ‘you can do it Helen, don’t worry, you can do it!’”

The My Self Worth podcast, by L’Oréal Paris and The Prince’s Trust, launches this Mental Health Awareness Week, in a bid to help boost listeners’ confidence.

The general manager of L’Oréal Paris UK and Ireland, Karen Flavard-Jones, says: “My vision is that the podcast will provide bite-size chunks of useful, inspiring and self-esteem boosting content right at your fingertips.” It comes at a time when 40 per cent of young people in the UK don’t believe in themselves, the brand reveals.

In Mirren’s segment, she adds: “It’s very important that [young people] should have a sense of self-worth and they can go forward and say ‘yes the next world will be my world and I’m going to make it the best world it can be.’”

While it’s quite normal to have self-doubt, self-worth should always prevail.