26 Jun 2019

This fall Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen will bring us to theaters for “The Good Liar”, a drama around the lives of Roy Courtnay, a con artist, and widow Betty McLeish, who meet online. But not everything goes smoothly as Roy would expect when he finds himself caring about this woman.

Enjoy the first poster and official trailer just released.

21 Jun 2019

The gallery has been updated with a few pictures of Helen Mirren at yesterday event “Karl For Ever” At Le Grand Palais, celebrating the icon of fashion who passed away a few months ago. Take a look and enjoy them, hopefully more will come.

20 Jun 2019

THE whole ‘event cinema’ concept seems like a no-brainer: you bag a seat for one of the hottest tickets around — sport, comedy, music, whatever — at a fraction of the original price and get it beamed into the comfort of your local multiplex or arts theatre. And it’s proved a screaming success, contributing more than £40 million a year to the UK box office. Yet a decade ago event cinema was far from a sure thing, let alone the weekly fixture it is now.

‘No one had any idea if it was remotely going to work or not,’ recalls Dame Helen Mirren, who is reminiscing today with me about starring in the first ever NT Live screening, a landmark pilot National Theatre production of Jean Racine’s Phèdre (adapted by poet Ted Hughes), which was live-streamed on June 25, 2009. ‘It was very intimidating and slightly frightening. But on the other hand it was such an exciting and amazing thought that I could do a performance in London on Thursday night and my husband in Los Angeles could watch it live in a cinema on Hollywood Boulevard, which is exactly what happened.’

Though NT Live now dominates the event-cinema sector, having streamed more than 80 National Theatre productions live to 2,500 venues worldwide (including Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet, which reached more than a million people globally), none of that would have happened if that pilot had flopped.

Read the full article/interview in our press library.

15 Jun 2019

The 4th installment of Prime Suspect sees Helen Mirren as Jane Tennison in a series of three TV movies, which I have screencaptured and added to the gallery.

12 Jun 2019

The gallery has been updated with a few HQ photos of Helen Mirren at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London ‘Reinvented & Reimagined’ Relaunch Party, take a look and enjoy!

29 May 2019

Before leaving for a week for vacation (which means any update may not happen, just depends on how tired I am and how much time I can have at PC in case), I wanted to leave you with a tiny little thing. It’s not much but still something that contributes to completing this fansite gallery more. Here are HD screencaptures from Helen Mirren in Inkheart. Take a look and enjoy!

22 May 2019

The gallery has been updated with a few HQ photos of Helen at the Aladdin Premiere, take a look and enjoy!